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(Rev. Surendra Kumar Mohanty and Mrs. Charushree Mohanty)

Rev. Surendra Kumar Mohanty of Puri is the founder chairman of Christian Organisation for Development and Education (CODE). He is an ordained Christian minister and he was ordained by the Deer Park Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Born in a poor family he wanted to dedicate his life for the economically deprived children of India and do something for them in order to enable them to be self-sufficient in the future. While pursuing his studies at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and University of Louisville in U.S.A. he was determined to pioneer a new Christian non-profit organisation in India to help the poor and needy.











(Old building where the Children's Home started)

The work of the Christian Organisation for Development and Education started in the year 1985 by Rev. Surendra Kumar Mohanty and his wife Mrs. Charushree Mohanty. Initially a Home for the boys started in a rented building located in the premises of the Puri Baptist Church where 25 boys were admitted. The only source of income at that time was some help coming from the friends of Rev. Mohanty in U.S.A. For three consecutive years the organisation went though a very difficult period of financial crisis. When good work is done help comes automatically. Seeing our good work several individuals and organisations extended financial support for our work.

Mission & Aim

Christian Organisation for Development and Education (CODE) is a registered non-profit organisation. The main aim of our organisation is to provide the basic necessities of life and education to poor and needy of the society and to provide opportunity for an individual's growth through formal, non-informal, vocational and spiritual education in order to help them to be self-sufficient.


The Christian Organisation for Development and Education is governed by the General Body (Board of Directors) consisting of 9 members including the office bearers.

Who runs the Christian Organization for Developement and Education?

Rev. Surendra Kumar Mohanty and his wife Mrs. Charushree along with 13 full time staff and 7 part-time staff run the two Children's Homes.


We fully depend on donations from likeminded Christian organizations and individuals. For almost 30 years all financial and prayer support for the activities of our organization is received from the Japan Baptist Women’s Union, the Foster Parents Program of Japan, individual foster parents from both overseas and India. We are extremely grateful to the Baptist churches and the Christian community in Japan for their wholehearted cooperation for the cause of the poor and needy children.


Our Book of Accounts are maintained on daily basis and audited regularly by a registered Chartered accountant. Annual Audited statement of accounts are sent to government authorities and funding agencies.


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